Event Horizon


Take the key visual elements of this year and extend them into a single work, and present it in the form of interactive projection mapping. When viewer enters the mapping space, it will have an impact on mapping.


事件視界(event horizon)一詞來自物理學中,當光線進入視界中,即無法避免黑洞重力的影響,以此現象比喻我們自身的意識與媒體間的交互作用。媒體資訊形成的河流看似是十分巨大無法影響的,但其實當我們的意識,主動進入媒體的河流中,從中擷取應用,創造的時候,自身的存在也同時對腳下所踩的河流有所影響。

Event Horizon comes from Physics. When light enters the horizon, the influence of black hole gravity cannot be avoided. This phenomenon is a metaphor for the interaction between our consciousness and the media. The river formed by media information seems to be very large and uninfluenced. But in fact, when our consciousness actively enters the river of media, extracts information from it. Our own existence also has some influence on the river.


Virtual Simulator 



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