Extension of Body

Extension of Body is a work interactive with  live dance performance.Through the use of the mapping, the use of the gauze screen, the use of depth sensor, allowing the dancers to transcend the body's dimensions,combined with the visual effect design by me. The dancer's movements, dances, instantly into vision, and strengthen the tension of the dance.


In street dance, the dancer's movements are often based on the rhythm or sound effects of the music. Corresponding when a receiver responds to a message. However, in this work, I seek to set the dancers as the launcher that the portraits can be adjusted by dancers’ actions. Basically, portraits are adapted to the dancers.

receiver   ︎︎︎   transmitter

Appropriating visual effects

Afterward, I analyzed the movements in hip-hop dance and designed matching visual effects for appropriate actions. For example, when hands turn, a square on the surface will be moving based on the hands’ actions. Furthermore, when muscles vibrate rapidly in hip-hop dance(pop), the screen will appear with vibrating effects.


In order to design a similar vision, after analyzing and simplifying the dance. The two elements of body displacement and body movements can almost cover most of the dance movements. In order to capture the data of these two elements, the following system is developed.
The movement of the body uses an infrared camera to capture the depth and calculates the outline of the human body. After comparing the position of the previous frame, the dancer's current displacement can be achieved.
In the movement part, a gyroscope is used to capture the rotation and acceleration of the dancer's hand. In this way, the current angle of the hand and the speed of the movement can be known.

The Device

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