Four Dimensions

This design is a mixed reality game that uses a VR helmet combined with a stereo camera and interacts with the real environment and virtual objects through both hands.
The player in the game must dodge the bullets which are fired by monsters, and the number of bullets will continue to increase over time.

Players’ hands and bodies will be visible while playing. Comparing to ordinary VR games, this is what it is special and different about.
The camera on the VR helmet casts the real environment and projects it into the VR world, and so on augments virtual objects for users to watch through the VR helmet. The unification of the two styles confuses players about virtuality and reality.

Time Out

The player controls the element of time in the game, which is a relatively common method in the VR experience. However, it is difficult to achieve in the real world. Players can experience the thrill of controlling the flow of time through this work.

When the players open their palms infront of themselves, the time in the game will become very slow. At the same time, the speed of the bullet will be slowed down as well. As the deduction, the player can dodge the bullet's attack easily.
Adding on to that, in the slow time, the player can touch the bullet to stop it, revise its direction, and counter the monster.

Other works

As a designer, I try to bring undiscovered experiences to the public based on my point of view, and present it in the best form.
Taipei, Taiwan
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