Future Street Vender

This work is for Taiwan Shih Chien university and Thailand Chulalongkorn University international workshop .
With the theme of "speculative design", my group chose to target "street vendors in Bangkok". We tried to present the imagination of strange things from the perspective of foreign tourists


Our concept comes from meeting a street vendor on the road. The food he sells is mysterious to us and also attracts us. But because of the language, it is difficult for us to communicate with him to purchase. This kind of want but cultural barrier is what we want to convey.
We imagined that if we were in a completely unfamiliar environment without any familiar elements, the text was strange, the words were strange, and the images and packaging were strange, how would the viewer feel?

Vender in Tailand street
and seller.

and newspaper design.


Using "unspecified, unfamiliar" as the keyword, to design the unknown food. And a text system was also designed for it. Then extended a series of graphic works, including posters, flyers, newspapers, etc.
For the exhibition, we also modeled the food. Because the theme is about street vendors, the model food was also exhibited with poles and iron sheets commonly seen in Thailand.

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As a designer, I try to bring undiscovered experiences to the public based on my point of view, and present it in the best form.
Taipei, Taiwan
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