Work with Vakulya Zoltán, a dancer who comes from Belgium. We use a special material—— when we put water on the paper, transparent water will turn to black track, according to this feature, we make a performance to show the “Time”.

Memories is teamwork by GroupB* in the workshop collaborating with a Hungarian dancer; Vakulya Zoltán. It is a live dance showcase combining calligraphy with mapping.
GroupB / Poyu Ko, Weitzu Lu, Jongwei Chang,
Rong Chang, WanRong Tseng


Its concept began from time. The paper we used is produced with special materials which are called “Water Writing Paper.” It would turn black after getting wet, and back to white while drying. Dancer dance with wet gloves on the paper. Black marks wound be left along with his movement. Marks are the signs that dancers’ body language. And traces would disappear as time went by. Different traces separately disappear at different times..


We projected different kinds of videos in the whole space to match the dance showcase. Some of them show moving marks, like an invisible hand interacting with the dancer. The moving marks do not only move on the ground but also extended to the projection on the wall. The projection on the ceiling is a live broadcast of the performance.

The Passing Meansure


Nearly two years after the completion of this work, It was invited to perform at the National Theatre. I also took this opportunity to redesign the work and define the concept as "measures adopted."
In order to make the audience more concentrated on the dance, we eliminated the extra elements in the space, leaving only the white paper in the middle of the stage, and the lighting also only used white light like there was nothing extra. This indicates all the focus was on the dancer itself and the mark left by the dancer.

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