Motion Poster for TUNG-MING Award

Tung-Min Award is a digital content competition organized by Shih Chien University every year. The awards are for animations, digital arts and new media works.
In 2020, the 18th Tung-Min Award, The format of the competition was changed to an exhibition. Because of the epidemic situation, in order to make the exhibition visual more uniform, this year, in addition to designing a graphic visual system, it also extends to the dynamic part.

Art Director / Ixuan Lin
Text Motion / Tiya Liang

This motion idea appeared from vacuum forming, in which air is first blown to expand and the volume is enlarged, and then vacuum forming is instantaneous.

At this moment, the product is born.



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As a designer, I try to bring undiscovered experiences to the public based on my point of view, and present it in the best form.
Taipei, Taiwan
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